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you can’t see past the length of your nose
the biggest problems, well you’re sure they’re your own
that girl you cut loose, those two friends that cursed you
and all that powder that you can’t leave alone.

and you say you know, but I know that you don’t.
'cause if you did, you'd really try to let all that die.

so marry yourself to your work and crowd your confusion with words.
then round out your life with some boy you might like,
while you bury your love in the dirt.

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Gotham premiere feels:


As it started:


Seeing baby Catwoman:


the whole Bruce and his parents scene:


then Bruce screams and:


my entire thought process through most of the episode: ‘Batman screamed like a girl….’


Okay, back to the show….

Seeing Alfred:


Seeing Gordon:


Seeing Harvey, his partner:


Seeing Edward Nigma:


Seeing Fish Mooney:


Seeing the Penguin:


The rest of the episode:


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I'm working on my faults and cracks
Filling in the blanks and gaps

frightened rabbit and death cab both have albums out next year

me trying to pick album of 2015

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so I’ll stick to my guns, 
but from now on it’s war

five reasons why 2004 and end of 2003 

 with give up and transatlanticism, was the best year or so  of indie rock, which will never be topped …ever

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