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"Some of these dumb hoes, 
Those slut rocker bitches walking down the street, 
They’re asking for it, they may deny it but it’s true.”

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I’d told him I was recording and he said, ‘Oh, I wanna hear it, bring it by.’ He was sitting in the bath-tub with a walkman on, listening to the song, and when the tape ended, he took the headphones off and kissed me and said, ‘Oh, finally, now I don’t have to be the only songwriter in the band!’ I said, ‘No, no, no, I think we’re doing just fine with your songs
—Dave Ghrol on playing alone and easy target to Kurt Cobain in 1992 

he rly should have won a oscar for this film first tho 

he rly should have won a oscar for this film first tho 

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